Photo Booth Features

Bullet Photo Booth Size:

Height: 2.0 Meters  - Width: 1.3 Meters - Length: 2.3 Meters

Basic Photograph Mode

Anthony Boocock Photography

Standard Photo Mode

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Our Photo Booths can take Single or Multiple photos at a touch of a button.

Print templates/backgrounds can be designed and tailored to meet your requirements.

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Facial Recognition

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Facial Recognition, This new photobooth feature adds a variety of digital masks and props, using the latest facial recognition technology our photo booth software will recognise the faces of people in your booth and give them the option to apply a wide variety of digital props on, above or to the side of their faces. Props can range from full or half masks, hats & wigs, cartoon mouths or eyes, speech bubbles. You are only limited by your imagination.

Green Screen Mode

Standard Green Screen

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Magazine Covers

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The Photo Booths Green screen feature is a great way to add a digital background to the pictures. The green screen background is simply a green backdrop placed inside your photo booth that allows a digital image to appear as a background in your pictures.

We have a large range of standard and bespoke themes for you to select from or you can supply your own images which we will upload before your event. You have a choice of 9 backgrounds at anyone time which can be changed by the booth attendant as many times as you like though out the the length of hire.

If you select the Standard Green Screen Mode you can insert a superimposed image of your choice behind your guests in the Photo Booth.

If you select the Immersive Green Screen Mode you can be magically transported into the background photo with certain parts of the background appearing in front of you.

If you select the Magazine Cover Mode you can appear in magazine covers templates.

HD Video Mode

Video Clips

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Slow Moooo

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Video Clips are great way to personalise your special event with your guests leaving you a video messages, this feature definitely add’s an extra special touch.

The photo booths High Def Camera doesn’t limit you or your guests on how long you can record your message for.

Slow-MO Add a bit of fun with Our latest addition to our video features (slow-mo!). A fantastic way to capture some great comedy moments for the future!

Karaoke feature

Choice of Titles

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Marryoke demo

Photo Booth Marryoke (Videoed Karaoke)”

Sing your heart out, karaoke style by following one of your chosen songs on the photo booths touchscreen, The booth will then video you getting carried away with the music.

For each group that sings the same song, your booth will automatically create a mash-up of each group giving it their all to that chosen song.

You will then get not only each full length video but also the mash-up of each of the songs chosen at the end of your event.

Selfie Wizard

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The Selfie Wizard allows guests at an event to upload photos from their own mobile phones to display on a TV Slideshow and produce instant prints. The modern-day alternative to ‘disposable cameras on tables. You don’t need WiFi, the Selfie Wizard has its own built-in Wifi router. The guests at the event simply connect their phones to the Selfie Wizard’s local network. The system will allow photo uploads from any smart phone or mobile device with WiFi and a web browser. iPhones, Android, Windows Phones, Laptops, iPads, Kindles etc.. Quick and very easy to use, no requirement to download special software or apps. The event host will receive a digital copy of all images from their event.

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